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HABITATS: Scrub (calcareous)
Scrub is a transitional habitat between grassland and woodland, characterised by a high density of shrub species such as hawthorn and elder. It is important because it provides a rich mosaic of open, species-rich pasture and successional woodland, providing habitat for invertebrates and birds. In order to retain its biodiversity scrub needs to be managed to prevent its reversion to woodland.

The Bushes SSSI

KCT work party volunteers clear bramble at The Bushes SSSI, 2012


The Bushes SSSI

The Trust manages The Bushes on Bredon Hill, an area of species-rich calcareous grassland mixed with an abundance of hawthorn, elder, old man’s beard and bramble. It is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and is included in the Bredon Hill Special Area of Conservation (SAC). Its flowering shrubs are a valuable source of nectar for invertebrates, and its areas of dense cover provide excellent habitat for nesting warbler and thrush species. During the autumn large numbers of migrant birds such as blackcap and whitethroat are attracted to the elder and hawthorn fruit. The Bushes are lightly grazed by sheep and cattle during the summer, and scrub clearance takes place periodically to reverse woodland encroachment.

Hawthorn in flower, The Bushes SSSI, seen from a distance

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